When the dreams become reality

An ecosystem driven by reliable, intelligent and self-sufficient solutions

Each of WAHED’s six components works together to seamlessly generate funds not only for the associated partners but for WAHED’s ecosystem as a whole.

$WAHED is a utility token based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that fuels the entire WAHED ecosystem by acting as the medium for economic exchange and solving core issues like transparency and lack of trust.
Every component of WAHED ensures that we stay true to our purpose. We provide community platforms, dashboard panels and user-oriented web portals to our collaborating users for a decentralized and transparent ecosystem.
Projects Managment (WPM)
As a comprehensive project management and tracking platform, WAHED Projects Management (WPM) allows users to access and analyze running projects with analytical insights. This helps users to stay on top of their projects anytime and anywhere.
NFT Marketplace
The NFT marketplace features exclusive artworks from regional and international talents. Artists keep most of the sales, and a portion of the proceeds will be shared with WAHED Projects.
Crypto Exchange (WCE)
WAHED crypto exchange provides a uniform solution to trading and investing. The trading fees are utilized in the development of the ecosystem, and active trading is rewarded with a passive income that directly goes into the wallets of associate partners.
WAHED Foundation aims to become the crowning capstone of the ecosystem. As we build partnerships and grow with the communities, WAHED will be shifting towards an autonomous governance body.
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