About Us

We are the solution to the hassle of funding for technology startups and eco-friendly and sustainability-oriented startups and we work towards offering a world of transparency, which is built on trust.

Driven by the power of Blockchain, we are a team that offers financial support to entrepreneurs, startups and also projects associated with human welfare, wildlife, and environmental conservation.

WAHED’s ecosystem allows organizations to leverage funding from blockchain-based solutions.
The token-based economy system of WAHED will help in generating returns that will be reinvested into the capital generation stream, which will create a community-generated revenue stream that is distributed amongst all partners to establish equitable profit sharing.

WAHED is focused on revolutionizing revenue management for the ones looking for investment funding and organizations handling social impact projects. WAHED means unique and we believe that everyone has their unique set of requirements when it comes to working for global welfare.
We understand your requirements and our ecosystem of applications allows all parties to stay connected, track and maintain progress on initiatives, along with tracking both WAHED investing and social impact projects.
We believe in keeping things crystal clear and all our partners can enjoy transparency with all funding activity and project progress as we produce measurable performance metrics while leveraging blockchain ledger technology.
Transparency helps in changing the perception of the public and re-establishes trust. WAHED extends full support to the ones who want to pave the way for global welfare and human economic development.

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