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Meet the building blocks of Wahed that work towards achieving our aim of partnering with new high-growth innovative technology ventures and make this world a healthy space for tech-based startups.

Shaikh Abdulla Bin Ahmed Bin Salman AlKhalifa


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"Creativity is our drive, innovation is our motivation" Togetherness leads to a successful partnership.

Eng. Abdulrahman Bin Ahmed Al Abdulkader

Vice Chairman

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I never achieve tremendous things, and neither do any of us. However, if we all work together and do little things with a lot of love, we can accomplish enormous things.

Sergio Torromino

Board Member

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Focusing on yourself is such a small ambition.

Eng. Anas Mahmood

Business Development Director

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Progress is a decision we may make once in our life, but it lasts for a lifetime.

Khalid Mustafa Jalili

Finance Director

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A great leader is like a car racer, putting his skills, experience and ability to coordinate, control, and reflex with his high speed car to reach the finish line at minimal risk.

Salvatore Nicotra

Board Member

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Focus on using your long experience in building a bright future.

Eng. Muath Abdulrahman Al Abdulkader

Strategy Director

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A person who does not take a risk is the same person who puts himself at stake. The rapidly evolving globalisation means that the best failure strategy is not to accept risks.

Migin Vincent

Technology & Operations Director

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Wahed Projects will revolutionize how blockchain is utilized in the economy.

Ahmad Fayadh

Worldwide Marketing Director

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The path to success begins with a step.

Prof. Dr. Muwaffaq AlDulaimi

Sharia Consultant

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Our adherence to the guidance of Allah in trade motivates us to develop, innovate and succeed.

Ebrahim Alnaham

Media Advisor

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The media plays an important role in providing the public with information and economic facts, in order to make important and beneficial decisions for them.

Farah Asad Abuzzait

Senior PR & Communications Officer

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Positive-perception is an aspiration that we will always telepathize and convey.

Tariq Mohamed Hassan

Head of Administration

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Create the right environment for the team to achieve it's goals.

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