WAHED x TASAWUQ: A Perfect Partnership of Trust and Technology

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WAHED is proud to announce partnership a with logistics specialists TASAWUQ. Established in 2019, TASAWUQ has made rapid delivery a possibility for businesses and individuals all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Currently operational in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam, TASAWUQ made the growing global demand for same-day delivery a reality in Saudi Arabia’s largest cities. By partnering with the blockchain specialists at WAHED, the advantages of TASAWUQ’s cloud technology and extensive partner network will be scaled for the rest of the Kingdom to experience.

User Value Proposition: TASAWUQ

TASAWUQ’s innovative approach to same-day delivery opens the doors for Saudi Arabian customers to get involved in the metaverse immediately. Aligning with WAHED’s core vision to invest in businesses that will improve people’s lives, the importance of supply chains in our hyper-connected world has never been greater. With greater availability of trade comes the promise of mutually-beneficial growth and idea exchange. Web 3.0 enables business to be conducted over vast distances, and WAHED is bringing these core strategic advantages to TASAWUQ.

The WAHED Ecosystem, powered by WAHED Coin, will focus on investing in innovative startups and contributing to philanthropic endeavors, WAHED aims to bring transparency to these industries. With activities being overseen by the WAHED Foundation, investors will have a clear dashboard that gauges and tracks where their funds are being effectively and feasibly deployed.

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